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The Certified Nursing Assistant job description

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Certified Nursing Assistant is a well trained medical professional who works in a variety of setting in a medical facility. A CNA is required to have completed the CNA classes from a state approved CNA school and pass the CNA certification exam of the state. A CNA career will give a good salary pay to the CNA as well as help them in earning respect in the society.

A Certified nursing assistant has various kinds of jobs description within the medical facilities. A certified nursing aide works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) and is responsible for the direct care and the personal needs of patients. A CNA is the medical officer who has more direct contact with the patients than any doctors, or nurses in the hospital.

nursing assistant job description

nursing assistant job description

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description: A list of basic duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant is listed here.

  • As the name suggests, certified nursing assistant are required in admitting, transferring and discharging the patients. The certified nursing assistant job description may also include maintaining required documentations and paper works of patients.
  • Responsibilities of feeding patients. Due to medical conditions, some patients may be required direct feeding while others can do it themselves.
  • Providing oral care, nail care and maintaining hygiene of the patient.
  • Bathing and dressing the patient. The CNA may need to bath the patient in the form of a bed bath, shower or tub.
  • The CNA is also required to help the patient in toileting depending upon the medical severity of the patient.
  • The CNA may be required to change the catheter bags and charting amounts of the patients.
  • The CCNA is also required to help the patients in ambulation. The CNAs should help the patients to get in and out of the bed, wheelchair, etc.
  • The CNA is also required to measure the vital signs of the patient such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature and also report them to the doctor. The CNA is also required to relay the information to the next CNA on shift.
  • A CNA may be asked to answer the call lights.
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