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Online Certified Nursing Assistant training courses are widely gaining popularity these days. For people who are too busy to attend regular CNA training classes, or those who don’t wish to leave the comfort of their home, the online CNA training classes has been proven as a boon among CNA aspirants.

I don’t think I’ll even have to elaborate how advantageous it is to take online CNA training course. Taking online CNA course lets you study anywhere and anytime. The class can be done either from a library, coffee shop or home. And the best part, you can schedule the timing of the training classes as per your need. You can now complete most part of the CNA training course though online classes. All the contents that are covered in the regular classroom course are covered by the online course and you will get clear ideas about all the necessary knowledge and skills required to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a medical facility.

If you are indeed taking online CNA training course, you must make yourself aware of all the facts involved in it. CNA classes can be divided into two sections, namely theoretical session and the clinical session. In the theoretical session, you learn all theoretical contents required to work effectively as a nursing assistant. This portion of the CNA training is the major one consisting a minimum of 75 hours class and this is the portion of your CNA training that gets covered by the online CNA training course. The other portion, i.e. the clinical session is the practical session. In the clinical session, you get to do hands-on clinical practice in real life situation. The basic requirement of all states is that every student preparing to work as a CNA must complete at least 16 hours of clinical session at a medical facility. This means that no matter how you take your theoretical classes (whether online or regular class), you are ought to take your practical classes at a healthcare facility. Usually when you sign up for an online CNA training course, the institute makes an arrangement with a medical facility in your locality for the clinical session. The hours of work in practical session can then be applied towards your course completion. However, you must talk well in advance with the appropriate personnel about the practical classes before signing up.

After you sign up for the online CNA training classes, you first attend the online classes and then attend the practical clinical session. After completing about 80 to 120 hours of classes, you may be eligible to appear the CNA certification examination of your state.

online CNA training course

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