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CNA Salary Annual Averages

CNA salary averages will vary by State. A certified nursing assistant is a nurse who serves under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to help patients with health care needs. These nurses, or rather nursing assistants, can work in adult day care centres, nursing homes, private homes and even hospitals. While their roles depend on where they work; their job is mainly to serve as the eyes and ears of the Licensed Practical Nurses.

The salaries of these workers differ from state to state. The reason for the difference in pay between states is brought about by the demand for their services.

CNA Salary In Illinois

Going by the CNA salary by state it would appear that the state of Illinois compensates these professionals with at least $31,500 per year, a sum that exceeds the national average by over $5,000. To be more specific, the city of Chicago, which is also the largest metro in the State, is a CNA training hub offering high quality training programs to aspiring CNAs. This factor places Chicago above the fold in the State of Illinois.

CNA Salary In Washington

In Washington, an assistant is expected to receive an annual income that ranges between $20,000 and $37,000. The certified nursing assistant salary averages $27,000 since most of them joined this profession with a high school diploma or a GED and haven’t aquired more skills.  Less than 10 percent of the nurses in Washington hit the $35,000 annual income mark. The top nurses in this state are employed in high standard private health facilities. The best CNA jobs that can be expected to earn a good CNA salary will go to the most qualified CNA who has both practical hands on CNA skills, and the latest CNA training.

CNA Salary In California

Still going by the CNA salary by state, in California a CNA can expect to earn an annual salary that ranges from $21,000 to $31,000. Minimum hourly wages begin at $11/hr and progress to a maximum of $18/hr. The state of California is currently ranked 12th in the list of states offering highest CNA salaries. With the cost of living constantly on the rise in this state, California is expected to raise its salaries for these professionals to increase their sustainability in a declining economy. It is projected that the state will be ranked top 5 come 2015.

CNA Salary In Alabama

Alabama is one of the few states where all nurses average an annual income that exceeds the national mean by over $6000. Going by job statistics, a nurse assistant earns between $30,000 and $40,000 per annum. The major reason for these high figures has to do with the establishment of CNA programs in high schools which motivates students to join the profession and work to increase their skills. Alabama has the highest number of the most qualified and experienced nurses in America and that is a factor in the high annual income.

CNA Salary In Alaska

At the top on the CNA salary by state list is Alaska. Nurses in this state average $14/hr. The location and harsh climate of the region are two biggest contributing factors to the high pay. The demand for nurses is also the highest in America and it is expected to rise. Analysts predict the pay may increase to a whooping $20/hr by 2015.

CNA Salary By State

Arkansas$26,000.00New Hampshire$27,000.00
California$28,000.00New Mexico$23,000.00
Colorado$23,000.00New York$31,000.00
Connecticut$28,000.00New Jersey$27,000.00
Delaware$25,000.00North Carolina$25,000.00
Florida$25,000.00North Dakota$25,000.00
Indiana$27,000.00Rhode Island$27,000.00
Iowa$24,000.00South Carolina$23,000.00
Kansas$23,000.00South Dakota$22,000.00
Minnesota$24,000.00West Virginia$27,000.00
Average CNA Salary


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