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The CNA certification examination is also known as the Nurse Aide assessment examination. The cna exam is a final certification exam that is used to test students whether they qualify to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant and start their CNA career or not. Also, a CNA student must pass the CNA certification examination in order to get listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. The Cna exam is designed to test the knowledge, skills as well as abilities of the CNA students to safely perform the task of nursing in real life situations.

After the CNA students complete the CNA training study class at their CNA training school, they should register to appear the CNA certification exam of their state. The CNA certification examination consists of two parts: 1) the written part, also known as the theoretical part and 2) the practical part, also known as hands-on skills assessment. Both the sections of the cna certification exam are administered on the same day. In order to pass the exam and work legally as a certified nursing assistant, a CNA student must pass both the sections of the CNA certification examination. After you successfully pass both the sections of the cna certification test, you will be a legally certified nursing assistant.

CNA exam

CNA exam

The number of question on the CNA certification exam may vary from state to state. However the average number of questions appearing on the written test is about seventy. The written test uses multiple choice questions format. The percentage of correct answers required to pass the exam may also vary from state to state. You can get various practice tests and preparation guide online on the internet. You may use those to test your knowledge and skills before appearing the real cna certification exam.

In the second part of the cna exam, i.e. on the hands-on test, you are required to demonstrate five different skills that the examiner asks you to perform. These five skills are selected randomly from a list of twenty five skills that are widely taught in CNA training classes and are key skills in CNA career. Students are graded by the examiner based on the performance of these five skills. Each of the five skills must be passed to pass the

The hand-on part of the CNA certification examination is conducted at a venue that will resemble a nursing assistant working environment. You may be required to take a volunteer with you to demonstrate the skills with. Among the five skills asked to perform, measuring blood pressure, temperature, and pulse and recording your findings are the common ones.

The Cna exam is the main exam that decides the career of a CNA trainee. So it is advisable that you prepare well for your cna certification exam and start a wonderful CNA career.

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