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General Job Description Of a CNA

The CNA “Certified Nursing Assistant” has become a respectable and also widely chosen job for many passionate people. The role of CNA is very significant in the health care field. They are an indispensable part of the medical establishment. A Certified Nursing Assistant is a medical officer who takes care of the daily management of patients. In order to persue a career as a CNA, one needs to first participate in some form of state approved CNA classes either in their local area or from accredited online schools.

If you have made the decision to begin a rewarding career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then you may want to search for CNA classes in your state and local area, or CNA classes that you can take online from the comfort of your home.

The general job description of a CNA includes taking care of the patients, checking their vital signs and reporting the doctor and helping the patient in different kinds of medical activities within the healthcare facility. Since a CNA is a highly regarded job, if you intend to choose this field as a career then you should plan on attending State approved CNA classes.

The cost of CNA classes are generally in the range for most people. The tuition fee and the total cost of CNA classes vary depending on where you attend. Regular online classes vary in their cost as well. Generally, CNA classes Online tend to be more economical as compared to regular CNA training classes at any campus or offline facility. However, you may also find numerous free CNA training programs as well. Also, at some medical facilities you may be trained at no cost. You will generally be required to sign a contract stating that you will work for a stated period of time of employment with that same medical facility after the completion of the CNA Classes.

CNA classes

CNA classes

The CNA classes overall education will vary from state to state. Furthermore, different medical facilities may spell out different criteria for CNAs because the responsibilities of a CNA may be tailored according to each institution’s specific need. However, the general profile of a CNA is similar at all places of employment.

CNA Classes what are they exactly?

CNA classes consist of classroom or theoretical classes as well as real-world exposure or practical classes. CNA classes are offered at different institutions. Generally, community colleges, some universities, nursing homes and hospitals as well as the American Red Cross Society offer CNA classes.

Since the education CNAs receive varies from state to state, the total course duration of CNA classes also varies from state to state, ranging from approximately 100 to 120 course hours. The course hours comprise of both theoretical classes as well as the practical hands on classes.

During the CNA training classes, different kinds of nursing skills required by a CNA in the field are covered. Skills like; Patient care, legal issues, use of medical equipments, evaluating vital signs, etc are just some of the nursing skills that are taught during CNA classes. The use of emergency radio equipment and CPR are some of the skills that may or may not be covered in the CNA training programs.

Thus, the CNA students are taught different kinds of theoretical and practical lessons pertaining to nursing that they might experience in a real world job situation. The students are required to apply these learned skills in the medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant. After the completion of CNA classes, the students will have to appear for the CNA certification examination. After successfully passing the CNA certification exam, the students may pursue a career in this field to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. A job well respected and one to be proud of that can also lead to becoming a RN “Registered Nurse” in time.

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